Santorini Excursions for cruise ship passengers

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Why travel with Us instead of the cruise ship organized tours

Private Tour only for you

Our excursions are flexible and designed exclusively for cruise passengers. When you travel on a cruise line shore excursion, you will likely be with a very large group of people. But with us our focus is to be with your family, or friends, where our guests receive better services and a more personalized experience.

You will never feel lonely.

Your tour in Santorini is arranged by a local tourist guide who works tirelessly to make sure your trip is everything that you want it to be, exactly to suit you, with all the best choices that you want to do and everything tailored around your special interests. Along with the guide, you will love every minute of your short time in the island.

See More, Walk Less

No tiring, uncomfortable walks from and to distant parking places. Santorini has very narrow roads (because they used to be donkey paths) where large buses are not allowed and spend a lot of time waiting for the other vehicles to pass. Our luxury mini buses and sedan vehicles have the perfect size to visit attractions which the average tourist will never see, are latest technology and safer.

We Guarantee You’ll Return to the Cruise Ship on Time

The cruise lines have been known to tell their customers that the ship may not wait if their customers are late returning to the ship. You don’t ever need to worry about that when you book with us. We guarantee you will be returned on time.