How to meet up with the guide

santorini cruise ship at the port

Where the cruise ships dock

The island of Santorini has no deep water dock. So, most of the cruise boats are not able to dock at the port. They just float around using their thrusters to remain in place, close to the center of the extinct volcano.

According to the myth, when the central part of the volcano sunk it took the legendary city of Atlantis with it.

santorini cruise port

About the port

The cruise port of Santorini, is also known as port of Skala, or old port. It was the first port of the island, before the construction of the ferry port. The cruise port is located beneath Fira, one of the largest villages of Thira and the capital of the island.

Several cruise ships usually dock at the same time.

cruise ship passengers santorini

Passengers are tendered ashore via local boats

Passengers who have signed up the organized ship excursions are tendered ashore to the new ferry port of Athinios, where the large tourist buses are parked. Independent travelers are tendered to the old port below Fira.

On the way back, however, everyone leaves from the old port at Fira by the same tenders. (The ship’s tours drop everyone off in Fira.)

santorini old port

Options to reach Fira (the capital) from the port

From the old port, where the boats shuttle the passengers, you can either use the cable car to reach the town of Fira, which will take no more than 5 minutes, or you can ride a donkey, which climbs up a small path on the cliff to Fira.

The latter option will last longer, and we recommend you to take the cable car as there is great concern for the welfare of the donkeys which are mainly used by tourists.

cable car santorini

How to recognize the guide

At the exit of the cable the guide will be waiting for you to escort you to our Luxury waiting vehicle as there is no car access for a few meters.

waiting sign

Please note that we will be holding a sign with your name written on it, and a big ”welcome smile”.

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